Job Posting Data Shows Competitive Skillsets For 2022

Job Posting Data Shows Competitive Skillsets For 2022

The 2022 job market holds many opportunities for new professionals to launch lucrative work-from-home careers. As more and more businesses turn to virtual workplaces, the demand for a skilled remote workforce increases. A recent study by Adobe CC combined data from LinkedIn and a survey of entry-level professionals to uncover which skillsets are in high demand in 2022.

Technical Skills

Hard skills can be measured, such as your proficiency in specific software or experience within an industry. In-demand hard skills for 2022 include graphic design, data analysis, copywriting, and social media marketing. Adobe CC for Students published a study that surveyed former students in entry-level positions and found that receiving training in marketable skills while still in school could result in a higher starting salary. “Unprepared former students were getting paid, on average, 20%-30% less than students who attained the required skills beforehand. Additionally, 56% were required to acquire specific skills after being hired.” Becoming proficient in various professional software and tools while still in school can help launch your career from a highly lucrative starting point. Enter the workforce at an advantage over other applicants with less experience who would require investments in training and other resources. For example, if you want to land a high-salary job as a graphic designer, becoming proficient in various tools such as Adobe CC, Photoshop, InDesign, and other widely used design software utilized by industry professionals will make you a highly competitive applicant.

Visual Communication Skills

Of the highest in-demand technical skills, visual communication is one of the most sought-after skillsets in 2022. With more business and commerce taking place virtually, the digital marketing landscape has become highly competitive. Companies need to have a solid visual online presence to remain relevant to today’s consumers. Hard graphic communication skills include proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, InDesign, PowerPoint, and other tools that help businesses create engaging assets. Presentations, sales pitches, advertisements, social media posts, webpages, and videos are some of the assets you can design using visual communication skills.

Collaborative Skills

The success of a business depends on the ability of its teams to work well together. Collaborative skills are soft skills that help you work effectively with others, such as communication, time management, and conflict resolution. Soft skills are essential for a well-rounded skill set within any industry. Competitive positions in management, HR, and leadership require strong interpersonal and collaborative skills to see success. Now that the workplace is virtual, businesses can utilize collaboration software and other tools to help remote employees stay connected and collaborative, even from afar. Work-from-home employees need to put in extra effort to stay connected and utilize these tools efficiently in the virtual workplace.

Creative Thinking

The pandemic showed the business world the necessity of staying flexible and innovative to remain resilient. Creative thinking across all levels of any industry is essential for developing new ideas and solutions to unforeseen problems. Diverse perspectives and creativity are crucial to developing a workforce that can recognize and act on opportunities for efficiencies and new business. LinkedIn continues to report Creativity as the number one in-demand skill for new professionals year over year. By developing your creativity and applying it to your position, you can unlock new promotion and career advancement opportunities.

There are more opportunities than ever before to diversify your marketable skills and land a lucrative career. Understanding which skills employers value most will help you market yourself as a competitive candidate.

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