How Has Dental Marketing Changed Post-Pandemic?

How Has Dental Marketing Changed Post-Pandemic?

The impact of the pandemic has been distressing for businesses of all sizes across the globe, and dental practices are no different. With the deadly disease raging over the nation, people choose to rather wait for weeks than go and get checked by a local dentist.

However, the good news is that the country has come out of that lockdown phase, with people resuming their lives and adapting to the new normal. The dental practices are also getting back the patients in tandem, and their demand is gradually rising.

But sticking to the pre-pandemic marketing strategies is no longer making the cut for the dental business that want a sustained rise in this demand. So, how exactly has dental marketing evolved post-pandemic? Let’s find out!

Preparing For The Fallouts From The Pandemic

There is no denying that it is going to take a while to completely recover from the fallout due to the pandemic. However, it is imperative for the dental clinics to still keep the patients coming through the doors. Thus, the marketers are ready to pivot to tackle this market disruption.

Overall, the emphasis is more on long-term growth strategies, multichannel growth strategies, brand awareness and reputation, demand generation, public relations, and improved communications.

Ramping Up Of The Teledentistry Programs

Before the pandemic hit the world, most dentists used to perceive remote services as stop-gap measures that are hardly needed much. It was evident that this was a mistake as soon as in-person visits became impossible. Though the perimeters will change with the expiry of the temporary regulations, teledentistry will always find its place in this industry. Thus, if the marketing efforts don’t highlight the facility of telemedicine, patients will simply look for other options.

It is not only about adapting teledentistry anymore but also keeping it at the forefront of your marketing initiatives. Early adoption of a fast growing trend will benefit your business and help your reputation grow.
Prioritizing Superior Patient Experiences

In the post-pandemic era, dental practices are scrutinizing each touch point across a patient’s journey. It starts from the top of the funnel marketing to the post-appointment follow-ups. Wherever needed, the dental businesses are updating and enhancing interaction such that the patients feel understood, cared about, and confident in the quality of care.

The dental marketers are focusing more on improving patient communication at every stage of the funnel. Thus, the attention is more on appointment scheduling and availability, procedures for telehealth and in-person appointments, and the accommodation of elective vs. non-elective procedures.

Making The Most Of Brand Building Opportunities

In the current environment, people would naturally lose faith in a brand that puts profits over patients in the post-pandemic scenario. The marketers have realized that the actions and steps taken by them dental practices will be under a lot more scrutiny now than ever before.

However, it also means that this is the ideal opportunity for brand building. Embracing the core tenets of compassion, trust, and usefulness is not only crucial for patients’ health, but also from the marketing perspective.
As such, dental marketing will adapt a more show-them-don’t-tell-them approach. The websites and brochures now have more high-resolution images detailing the major aspects of patient experience. For instance, the websites are showing patients how it is going to look like when they come for cleaning, along with safety precautions taken from start to end of their journey.

Adapting Cloud Based Management Software

Dental marketing is also gravitating towards the adaptation of cloud based management software for better patient retention. After all, the right software can make all the difference between having an efficient dental clinic and a chaotic one.

One of the foremost reasons behind investing in such software is because it helps in ticking almost all the boxes mentioned above. The clinics are getting to offer better patient experiences, provide comprehensive care, and scale effectively. Thus, in this post-pandemic world and in the years to come, expect more dental businesses to turn to cloud management platforms.


With people shelving their dental care for so long, the demand is bound to increase in the post-pandemic period. One of the keys to making the most of this demand is to keep up with changing trends in dental marketing. And you have a detailed idea about that now!

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