Cyber ​​Security: Data Protection And Crypto Locker

Cyber ​​Security: Data Protection And Crypto Locker

Crypto Locker, Many will have heard of the threatening email: “We have blocked all your data; if you don’t pay us by tomorrow, you will never see them again.” Some also say they paid and did not get them back anyway.

This phenomenon, prevalent in recent years, is called crypto locker and has been able to bring entire companies to their knees, not just individual home users.

Yet, despite being a widespread and known problem, not everyone is preparing to protect themselves adequately. It is not a trivial question of security but more of mentality: many companies do not dedicate time and resources to backup systems.

Bad prevention is also to blame: if so many attacks are successful, it is due to the lack of attention to protecting one’s data.

And it is not enough to consider yourself attentive. It would be like thinking that you are safe from road accidents because you are sure to drive responsibly, neglecting the possibility that others are causing the rear-end collision.

A protection tool is always useful, even in the mobile phones of those who make proper use of their technology. Not for anything else: a telephone is a tool that we carry with us everywhere. It contains any information about our life, from personal data to access codes to accounts and cards, which many trivially even keep in notes files accessible to anyone.

Regardless of everything, it is always good to periodically change your accounts’ passwords and perhaps differentiate them as much as possible from each other, choosing them so that you can never forget them without having to write them down inaccessible places.

Password managers are also very common: some advise against them, arguing that they are still applications that can be accessed within products – such as a mobile phone – which could be vulnerable, but there are also excellent ones, for a fee, created by secure companies.

Another solution is given by the two-factor authentication, which is very common in bank accounts, but which can also be included, for example, in access to emails.

However, our precautions will never guarantee absolute protection; it must be taken into account that there will always be a percentage of risk. This is why we need to know how to choose the protection information systems that best suit our needs.

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