Best Solution To Send Fax From Printer Without Phone Line

Best Solution To Send Fax From Printer Without Phone Line

Google Fax Free listed down a smart solution for your fax-related queries in the form of CocoFax. It would not be wrong calling this fax service provider a latest, technological and smart solution to faxing. It has made fax a totally automated process with added security.


People who do not own a fax machine usually get worries about how to send a fax and how they would receive one. It usually leads them to buy a fax machine while they overlook the printer placed on their work desk. Nowadays, printers are not only used for printing but they are utilized for fax transfer.

Gone are the days when tools and utilities were manufactured only for a specific task. In this era, everything is developed to serve the user in multiple ways. Therefore, CocoFax is providing users the opportunity to make the best use of their printers whenever they have to deal with any fax documents.

Changing Printer Into A Fax Machine

Google Fax Free has also assisted the users in choosing the best when it comes to printing and faxing. On the other hand, the trouble of finding the ultimate solution for your fax-related needs end at CocoFax. Not only this, but it is also suggested by its previous users as their reviews are a proof.


Now you can transform your printer into a high-end fax machine just in a few clicks or taps. There is no need to learn any technical procedures to do so. No need to worry even if you are not a tech geek. The intuitive interface of CocoFax will guide you how to get the benefit of a fax machine from a printer.

CocoFax has made its way to the world’s best fax service providers by providing users top-notch services. It has made its way to world famous media forums including CNET, New York Times, Digital Trends and Forbes as a most used and finest fax service provider.

Free Fax Numbers CocoFax

Now you can get a welcome trial by CocoFax after completing the registration process. CocoFax provides new users with the facility to enjoy free faxes for 30 days. You can assess the services of CocoFax in this span and buy the subscription package at the end of the trial period.


No need to contact any telephone company just to get a fax number. Now you can get one with a few taps on your smartphone screen or using your laptop. Moreover, CocoFax subscription packages are not too expensive but available at reasonable rates.

How To Send Fax From Printer?

Connect your computer or mobile phone with the internet and start sending unlimited faxes online. You don’t have to invest in hardware tools for fax when using CocoFax as you can use the printer for this purpose. Follow these steps to send fax in a couple of minutes from CocoFax


Register your CocoFax account and get a free trial for 30 days. Fill the online by providing a valid email address. This email will be used for transferring faxes online. CocoFax also provides a list of available fax numbers so that you can choose one for local and international faxes.


Open CocoFax Dashboard:

As you have created a CocoFax account with a valid email address, you can easily use any device to send faxes online. Just open the CocoFax dashboard by logging in with your credentials. You can manage faxes from here and control other devices with the same credentials from CocoFax control panel.


Draft New Fax:

Click on the new fax field and start composing your fax document. The new fax wizard pops up with mandatory and optional fields. You cannot leave the mandatory fields empty as it will halt the fax sending process.

CocoFax also supports many file formats to be sent as a fax document including doc, xls, png, jpg and pdf. You can attach multiple files at a time as CocoFax amends these files in a single fax document and then forwards it to the receiver’s number.

In the ‘To’ field, enter the fax number of recipient by suffixing it with For example, if the receiver’s fax number is 12345, input the number as You can also provide Fax notes and a cover page by entering details in the ‘Subject’ and ‘Body’ field.


Send Fax:

After entering the required information, click on the ‘Send’ button to send the uploaded files as a fax document. CocoFax receives these files first and converts them into Tiff file format as Fax machines support these files.

Afterward, these converted files are forwarded to the recipient’s fax machine by building an encrypted transmission medium. CocoFax sends messages for confirmation of sent faxes. For failed documents, you will receive error details. Correct those mistakes and resend them.

CocoFax Online Services And Features

The reasons behind preferring CocoFax over other online fax services providers are its fully-efficient services and other features it has in stock for you. Below are the major things CocoFax has in stock for its users:


Economical Fax Solution

CocoFax is a cheap fax solution as you don’t have to spend money on various tools for sharing a sheet of paper. You can save resources such as paper, ink, and electricity with CocoFax. All sent and received faxes travel over the internet so there is to invest in fax machines.


Just like other modern tools that are feasible with all kinds of devices, CocoFax services can be used with computers and handheld devices regardless of their specifications. All operating systems support CocoFax to send and receive online fax.


CocoFax forwards the faxes instantaneously among different devices. You don’t have to wait for hours to send and receive a fax document with CocoFax. It has eliminated all the earlier struggles of faxing by providing immediate fax transmission services 

In the End

To wrap up the discussion of fax transfer without a phone line, it can be stated that CocoFax is the only application that you need to use. It will provide you easy fax transfer on a secured transmission medium. Now you can get the security of a fax machine by using CocoFax from your smart devices connected to a printer.

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