Amazing App To Fax From Printer Worth To Try Right Now

Amazing App To Fax From Printer Worth To Try Right Now

We try to minimize our efforts as much as possible when it comes to business communication. Things, usages and gadgets are becoming all conclusive in the functions they render. One device can suffice for a plethora of actions. 

A classic example of this functional inclusivity is how to fax from printer. Yes, you can fax directly from a printer. While there are all inclusive printers with prices as sophisticated as their functions, you don’t need to invest in a printer that will break your bank!

There are printers with faxing abilities (which are mostly pricey) and printers without faxing abilities. The best part is that through CocoFax, you can fax with a printer, whether or not it has any printing abilities. 

CocoFax: The Best Way To Fax Through A Printer

As most printers do not come with faxing services enabled in them, there comes a need and requirement of an online faxing solution to enable them for the function. CocoFax is the faxing transformation that your printer requires. 


So, even if you have an ordinary printer, you do not need to worry about its faxing functions. CocoFax adds a lot of faxing value to printers of all shapes and kinds. It is an amazing app that is comparatively a lot less cost extensive than buying a printer with faxing functions. 

Why Should You Use CocoFax?

CocoFax is the perfect way to accessorize your printer with better functions and performance. It offers an undebatable leverage to your printer. Not just from a printer, you can send a fax from any internet compatible device, even as little as your phone. 

30 Day Free Trial 

Online faxing has somehow been recognized as a value addition to business functions. As a result and owing to the competition, there are many faxing apps that promise a 30 day free trial. Neither is the trial free and nor are the promises solid. 

CocoFax is extremely honest in its promises, there is literally no hidden agenda than allowing users to be effectively handy with the functions of CocoFax. If you cancel the subscription within the stipulated trial period, you will not have to pay any penny. 


Ease Of Usage

Faxing from CocoFax using a printer is as simple and basic as general and basic printing. The platform offers a lot of ease of usage and flexibility in faxing. When you have more than one mode of conduct, your efficiency increases manifold. 

How To Send A Fax Through Printer

Now, coming to the part that involves the paraphernalia of sending out a fax through a printer using CocoFax. It might seem complicated if you don’t know how effortlessly simple and convenient a procedure it is. 

To ensure that you can send out a fax through printer with the help of CocoFax, you need to ensure that the below mentioned prerequisites are right in place:

A computer Enabled Device

A device for usage can be a phone or a computer from which you can access the internet. Anything that you can open your web browser on will be a compatible enough device to assist you in your faxing functions. 

CocoFax Account

You need to subscribe to the CocoFax account. The benefit of a CocoFax account is that it acts as a mediator for making two fundamentally different kinds of equipment communicate and function. You can subscribe for a 30 day free trial to know exactly how CocoFax works.

Fax Number

In a Universe devoid of CocoFax, you would need to apply for a fax number, wait till its approved on submission of data and by the time you get the number, you are already done with the work. However, we live in a world where CocoFax exists and you can get a fax number for free.

Without any application and dilatory procedures of applying and waiting for a fax number, you can attain one almost immediately on CococFax. 

Process Of Sending Fax Through A Printer

Coming to the core part of how to fax through a printer when you have ensured that the above mentioned prerequisites are in place. You need to follow the below mentioned set of processes that are so easy to remember and perform:

Step 1: You start by opening a CocoFax account. You will also attain a free fax number of your choice in the process. 

Step 2: Prepare the set of documents that you intend to fax from the printer. Locate the documents on the document feeder of the printer and scan each of them. Ensure that the documents so scanned have been saved on your internet compatible device (phone or computer). 

Step 3: Login to the web browser of CocoFax using the internet compatible device. Click on the ‘Send Fax’ button. In the ‘To’ field, you can enter the fax number to which you intend to send the fax to. 

You can then upload the document that you scanned by browsing through on your system or sheer dragging and dropping. You can then hit the ‘Send’ button.

Step 4: As and when you hit send, CocoFax will dial to the fax machine of the recipient. You will get the delivery confirmation on your registered email ID once the fax is successfully sent. 



In a very simple way, you can attain a faxing genie through CocoFax. It requires the least amount of efforts and is very convenient and adaptable. It offers you a lot of performance leverage. You don’t have to invest in a fax machine; you don’t even have to invest your time in attaining a fax number. 

You can try the 30 day free trial to practically understand how to fax from the printer efficiently by use of CocoFax. It doesn’t take any extra effort or charge any money during the trial.
The application is so handy and useful that you would have abundant ways to send out a fax.

The application has proven to be the most coveted and reliable remote faxing genie! 

While using this application, you will also need a very good quality ink tank printer which can be seamlessly integrated with the app and print the best images and documents. It should have all the updated features that will be handy for both personal and professional usage.

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