Why Don’t The DC Movies Work As good As The Marvel Movies?

Why Don’t The DC Movies Work As good As The Marvel Movies?

We have a general practice of not discussing religion that publicly causes a conflict of interest. Nowadays, we can say the same about the DC Marvel fandom. They both get their time of the year to blow us away.

The Marvel universe is currently sweeping the audience with its new trailers of Spiderman: No way home. We also see how the new Batman trailer featuring Robert Patterson is winning us away. But we still see Marvel proceeding further.

Anybody who’s seen DC movies in order knows how plot-driven they are. One of DC’s incredible masterpieces was the Dark Knight trilogy, led by an amazing director, a thrilling score, an outstanding class of actors, and a brilliant plot.

But Marvel is more audience-driven. They love to highlight the favorites and continuously revamp the characters. One amazing thing is how they sequentially plot their movies and win the crowd.

So, what’s wrong with DC? Let’s find out:

1. The injustice Justice League

This is just a page from history about how something so hyped turned out bad. I think we can all agree that DC’s Justice League is the equivalent of Marvel’s Avengers. They’re both a plot of combined heroes and anybody who wants a glimpse at the comic universe should watch these.

But the reason why Avengers is far better than the Justice League series was because of the many delays and loopholes in the process.

Those who remember, Zack Snyder was the director who would bring Justice League to life. But he had faced a personal family loss, that made him discontinue his work. DC could not afford to stop in the middle, so they had to come with a different director and had to do a lot of production changes.

When the movie was released, the one-word people had to say was ‘disappointed’. The movie’s change of directors and sequences did not match the expectations of the DC fandom and it got terrible ratings.

Later, Zack Snyder returned and produced Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It had a runtime of 4 hours, but it was a great improvement over the original. It still could not catch up with the dent that the first movie bought on the DC universe.

2. Marvel’s marketing

Marvel spends a lot on their marketing, and you find the hottest actors, the best interviews from their side. We all know how Tom Holland (Spiderman) has an unfortunate habit of spoiling the movies. It may seem unintentional, but it sounds so real and becomes true as we watch the movie.

There was a story narrated by Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) about how he was using Facebook Live, and he rushed into the theatre to watch the movie but didn’t turn off the live option. He ended up streaming the entire movie’s audio on Facebook live.

He was sad that it happened but, in a day, or two, the story caused more attraction towards the movie, and it became an unintentional marketing stunt that gave Marvel’s universe the fame.

In an event earlier in 2019, Marvel put out the complete calendar of Marvel movies to be released. It got the crowd excited about how the universe is transitioning and changing.

Just because Ironman goes away (SPOILER) does not mean that he’s not in the future. The same is the case with Black Widow.

3. Marvel is illogical (that’s a good thing)

Superheroes aren’t real. There is no flying or web-spitting in real life. Yet you find DC movies trying to create sense into the movie. Not everything in the universe must make sense.

Meanwhile, Marvel is out there playing with Time travel, multiverse theories, and aliens. Batman is still considered a rich billionaire who has cool gadgets that let him fight crime and do stunts.

The MCU produces time-bending concepts and redefines the imagination. It is illogical but nobody watches Sci-Fi for the logic. That is what gives Marvel a cutting edge. Characters like Black Panther and Dr. Strange are true testimonials of this.

Even Thor being a 1000-year-old plays well into the theme. Also, the guardians of the galaxy feature interesting characters that gallivant around in space looking for adventure.


Marvel has bagged some of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Their upcoming productions feature Mahershala Ali, Toby Maguire (the old spiderman), Jessie Vinning, and many more.

Therefore, Marvel is making headlines. Also, if you ask a noob about his take on the Marvel DC universe, he might point out the difference between “dark brooding story” and “exciting action-packed sequences”.

What DC needs to do is win their crowd through its existing dark charm. It also needs to make consistent releases and continuously tease new productions in pipelines. That’s how the imbalance in the cinematic universe can be restored.

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