Skills You Need To Become A Front-End Developer

Skills You Need To Become A Front-End Developer

Hello newcomers! Now IT specialists are divided into different categories, depending on what exactly they are doing and what they use to solve the assigned tasks. Front-end developers are one of the highly demanded specialists.

Previously, front-end developers only had to learn a few basic tools to create an interface of the site or application, but the world of technology is constantly moving forward and new development tools appear. This article which is called ‘Skills You Need To Become A Front-End Developer’, is aimed at newbies in web development who want to know what exactly they need to be able to work in this direction. Let’s start from the beginning!

Today front-end development is the second opportunity, after Q&A, to enter the IT sphere. Accordingly, the number of self-taught layout designers and those who have just graduated from front-end development courses is growing every day. Despite the fact that this position is quite in demand in the labor market, such a large number of those wishing to start their way in IT forces employers to tighten the selection of potential candidates, thereby deliberately raising the requirements for the position almost to the level of a middle developer.

It is easier and cheaper for many business owners and startups to roll out a list of necessary skills for each specific project and find a person who is ready to independently study technologies in order to get the coveted junior position, despite the fact that in fact these requirements may refer to the middle level. As a result, due to such requirements, many novice developers are simply afraid to go for an interview, because they believe that they lack knowledge.

You should not wait for the right moment or “sufficient level”, master the basic skills from the list below and start trying your hand at different companies. After a few interviews, you will gain new experience and make sure that the same questions are often asked.

Firstly, let’s define the profession that you want to master. Front end developers are responsible for creating the front side of a website in terms of user interface development. They monitor the correct operation and reflection of web resources in existing browsers and various electronic gadgets.

Thanks to the work of front-end developers, web pages seem to come to life, receiving beautiful interactive effects: smooth transitions, pop-up menus, pop-up windows, animation elements, etc. Front-end developer deals not only with layout design of the site, but also more global

DOM construction work; progressive Internet applications: Storage and Web Sockets, Service Workers with the study of various APIs used for PWA. After learning JavaScript, great prospects open up in the profession of a front-end developer.

Also, employers pay attention to soft skills, that is, your individual characteristics. Mastering them is necessary both for teamwork and for your own personal growth, so it is important not to neglect them, but to treat it as responsibly as you do technical knowledge.

Self-management is the most important skill, because you will need to become your own boss. The position of a junior front end developer implies constant self-study, and you will have to learn how to independently find answers to all questions. In a successful company, you will have a mentor who will help you understand complex issues, but in a programming environment, asking the same thing several times is considered almost bad manners.

Listening to people and listening to other people’s opinions will help you move forward on the developer journey. More experienced colleagues will give the necessary information faster and more compactly than if you taught it yourself. It is also important to be able to form your opinion and defend it.

Where to start your journey to the front-end development? If you really want to get front-end developer’s skills, you can easily find a couple of dozen online courses offering basic knowledge for free. There are many articles on the Internet on how to become a developer on your own. There are even visual diagrams of what and in what sequence you need to do in order to go from a complete beginner to a professional. Having analyzed the possible options for obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills, we have to admit that the best of them is to study at online universities or courses.

According to Stormotion, the frontend is the part of the website that users interact with, including drop-down menus, sliders, navigation panels, buttons, and attractive animation. In essence, a frontend developer is responsible for curating a seamless user experience for a visitor by making website navigation intuitive.

So you do not have to waste precious time on trifles, you can practice in a comfortable home environment, and in some you even have the opportunity to choose the time for classes yourself. The training is supervised by professionals who will help you find errors and develop skills for the most simple software solutions.


As you can see from the article ‘Skills You Need To Become A Front-End Developer’, the set of front-end developer skills is quite wide and takes a lot of time to learn, so I advise you to delve into the basics and work on the skills in practice. You will have to google a lot and read various IT forums every day, this is normal – it is much more important to know where to find information than to waste time memorizing it in practice. Hope this information was interesting and helpful. Good luck!

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