Pentaho & Google Analytics: How To Integrate

Pentaho & Google Analytics: How To Integrate

An ultimate guide for your business

Pentaho & Google Analytics: In today’s competitive environment, finding a way to verify customer interest has become increasingly difficult. The data to be compared are not few, and it becomes challenging to find the time and economic resources necessary to carry out all the appropriate research. Fortunately, some tools can be used to improve the performance of your business and evaluate different services.

As many know, Google Analytics is a service that allows you to monitor a website’s traffic. Evaluate the time spent on a certain page, the most searched words, or topics that have piqued visitors’ interest to a certain space. To obtain an optimal and, if possible, even more personalized result, some computer scientists have developed a system that allows Pentaho & Google Analytics to be integrated. In this way, they can monitor their virtual space’s success and study the best strategies that allow them to change their presence on the web. Here, then, is a brief guide designed for those who wish to use these tools to make their company make the most of it.

 A few steps to get the most out of it

In fact, installing these systems and getting them up and running isn’t a long or complicated process—you just need to know the right tools.

First, you need to activate Google Analytics and generate the API key. Once this access key has been created, the user will have to connect to the Google Developers link and enter their Gmail access data which will allow them to access the API Console and activate API Analytics. Next, you will need to copy the API key from the relevant access card and configure the pass for Google Analytics. At this point, it is necessary to specify which settings to keep for the connection to be successful. The application name to be used must be the default one, i.e., “ kettle plugin.” The reference email becomes that of the logged-in user, and the password is the same one used to access Google services, while the API key is the one entered in the first step.

Ascertained that the entered data are those indicated, the system will be ready to work and offer its user the first results. In fact, a table will be displayed with the views per page, the number of unique visits, the clicks made, and all the data that can be imported and shared with those who will interpret them. Do not forget that these are free systems, made available to those who want to use them in their own company, and make each report a real success without needing excessive investments, which proves to be an advantage even for smaller companies or those still in the start-up phase. The joint use of Pentaho & Google Analytics makes it possible to optimize times and costs, making the IT personnel who work for the company autonomous and able to manage the data obtained quickly and satisfactorily.

One last tip from the experts

Contrary to what one might think, having an integrated  Pentaho & Google Analytics system is not the definitive solution for those who want to solve any business management problems. In addition to finding the most appropriate tools for data collection, it is necessary to look for an employee who can carry out an in-depth reading of the information obtained and who knows how to analyze every detail critically. In this way, it will be possible to change one’s strategy and make a difference in the market, getting closer to customers and learning to listen to each request more carefully.

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