Four Stable Coins That Have Proven To Be Solid Investments

Four Stable Coins That Have Proven To Be Solid Investments

Many people dread the crypto world because it is extremely volatile, and the prices can fluctuate too much. It has become a problem that some people can make huge gains while some will get hit with massive losses. You’re not shielded from the problem even when you use your crypto coins to play at online casino real money with.

In that case, you have to take the time to go through different projects before you jump in, and when you do, you must be aware of the risk. Anything can happen, and you may lose your money to the sharks. Therefore, you should know your risk level before investing in any cryptocurrency.

With the fluctuating prices, you should know that it is easy to lose sight of your investment, and you can’t tell when you’re making actual gains or losing. Therefore, if you can’t take the risk, you either avoid crypto or use the much safer options available. Some years after Bitcoin was created, people wanted some stability. Therefore, stable coins were created.

These coins are pegged to real currency. Therefore, their value doesn’t move like that of the standard cryptocurrencies. In that case, it assures investors that they won’t witness massive price changes even during huge market crashes. However, this also applies to bullish seasons when other currencies make huge returns.

So, if you’re not looking for the high-risk, high-return investment other crypto coins offer, you should consider the different stable coins as a form of investment. In that case, we’ve put together a few stable coins that have stood the test of time and continue to prove to be solid investments for stakeholders.

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If there is any stable coin that you should trust the most, Tether is the one we recommend. It has been around since 2014, and it is the oldest of the stable coins around today. The USDT is also the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, giving it solid backing in the world of crypto.

Therefore, if you are finding where to put your money, USDT is a safe spot, and it doesn’t fluctuate like any other coin. It is the most stable coin on the market today. Tether is pegged to the US Dollar, and the base principle is for one USDT to be equal to $1, as they claim to have enough cash to back every Tether on the market.

Binance USD

Binance is the worlds leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world today. It has been around for many years and continues serving the market. With many users flocking to the platform, transactions on the ecosystem are increasing, and we can see some exciting projects. Therefore, the ecosystem is a fully functional market on its own.

Therefore, we’ve seen it creates its stable coin with the Binance USD, called the BUSD. Like Tether, BUSD is pegged to the dollar. Therefore, 1 BUSD is equivalent to 1 USD, and since it entered the market, it has risen to the top 20 most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world today.

USD Coin

This stable coin was created specifically for the US Dollar, and the entire case is that it would be pegged to the Dollar. Therefore, when it entered the market in 2018, it was received with great joy, and people could have another option for USDT. Therefore, by reducing the monopoly with the USDT, and as a result, more investors can enjoy the crypto world.

The coin is managed by Coinbase and Circle using the Center Consortium, both brands co-founded. As it stands, the USDC is currently in the top 10 of the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market. And they claim to have enough cash to back the entire USDC in circulation, making it a trustworthy investment.


Finally, on our list is Dai, a very different coin from the ones we’ve been talking about so far in this article. Even though the coin is pegged to the US Dollar, it is backed by the ether token, and as a result, it can be subjected to some fluctuations. In that case, you might have to double-check before entering this project.

It was introduced one year after USDT entered the market, and even though it is one of the oldest stable coins, it hasn’t reached its full potential, thanks to the volatility of the ETH token. However, the ether tokens are backed by one of the top most incredible projects on the crypto market. Therefore, DAI is the 36th most valuable coin by market capitalization on the market today.

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